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Lounge & Bar Furniture

Stylish and comfortable lounge furniture as a retreat for your guests

Extremely comfortable seating that is attractive and highly functional. Lounge and bar furniture create a pleasing ambience and provides a retreat. In our assortment you will find chic bar stools, timeless cocktail chairs and elegant sofa sets. Lounge furniture is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, hotels and offices, as it can be perfectly integrated into outdoor areas.

Modern designs for your lounge & bar area

The bar serves as a place for communication and social interaction. The classic pub or bar is increasingly giving way to modern interiors inspired by designers.  Here you'll find chic bar stools, timeless cocktail chairs and elegant sofa sets at fair prices. Lounge and bar furniture can be used for outdoor use, due to its excellent weatherability. The matching lounge light provides colour highlights. Combined with an attractive decor you can create a real holiday feeling.
Decoration & Lighting

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Lounge Indoor

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Lounge Outdoor

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