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Banquet Chairs

Banquet seating for those special moments in business.

If you're looking to expand your event furniture, don't just buy banquet seating. Rather, you are buying feel-good moments for your customers and guests. After all, those who sit comfortably will have pleasant memories of the event and will be happy to return. But what are the criteria that turn chairs into banquet seating? At FH Furniture, we know what features are important to you and your business. For one, you do not want to make the purchase just for a single event. If you choose functional furniture, you will use it for many years for a wide variety of events. These can be banquets as well as seminars, lectures, conferences, weddings or cultural events. That is why you will find banquet seating for versatile use in our assortment. On the other hand, the seating, including conference chairs and lecture chairs, must convince with practical values. After all, the business furniture rarely stays in place, but must be stowed away again after the respective event to save space. Rest assured that the banquet seating available from us is quick to assemble and disassemble, and can be stored in a small space.


Banquet seating - the perfect choice with FH Furniture

In our huge selection of functional furniture, you'll find seating that reflects the character of your business. The assortment includes simple designs for the catering area up to the upscale design for your presentation room. Our tip for you: with the matching covers, the banquet chairs are even more versatile. Because with our decoration textiles, you can transform simple, comfortable gastro chairs into noble chairs for your banquet in no time at all. If you like, our experienced team of professionals will be happy to help you make your decision. 


Banquet seating - a selection with something for everyone

Functional banquet chairs are always foldable or stackable, allowing the furniture to be flexibly assembled, disassembled and stored. Despite the practical advantages, comfortable seating is always guaranteed. This is precisely why this seating furniture is very popular in the catering, hotel and other businesses. Differences are mainly in design and practical features. With FH Furniture you trust a partner who has been experienced in the industry for years. We know: every company has different demands on flexible seating furniture. Accordingly, we have thoughtfully compiled our assortment for you. Many different forms and colours of the banquet seating result in the quintessence a measure, with which everyone finds. You can always expect good quality at a good price. Choose between square, round or rounded seat backs, timeless design or colorful eye-catchers. You are not only looking for banquet seating, but also for matching tables and a suitable transport cart? FH Furniture offers you everything in one set - and at an affordable Price.


Stackable banquet chairs - functionality that makes your event a well-rounded affair

As specialists in functional furniture, we believe that banquet seating must always be foldable or stackable. We much prefer to offer many of our event chairs with other valuable features. For example, you can choose between a version with or without armrests. Often, business owners are concerned that stacking will cause banquet chairs to show signs of wear more quickly. We take away this concern and offer banquet seating with integrated stacking protection. Especially if the seating is intended for an audience of spectators or listeners, practical row connectors are a great complementary accessory. With a practical transport trolley, which is especially suitable for your banquet chairs, the event can be set up and taken down again in a short time and with little effort.


Decoration linen that makes your banquet seating eye-catching

Use our decorative linens, such as the sturdy chair covers, to give your event a uniform and especially classy look. We carry covers in dimensions that ideally match those of your banquet chairs. On the one hand, the covers protect the furniture from dirt and signs of wear. On the other hand, they create a particularly harmonious appearance. Chair covers in white, for example, enhance the special occasion with the necessary elegance. Coloured textiles put your décor in a welcoming light. Whether the use of covers is a big expense? Banquet seating is dressed in no time at all. Plus, the materials are consistently easy to care for, durable and non-iron.


FH Furniture - ideal for those who need more than just banquet seating.

You are already in the middle of planning your next event? You can always find the right banquet seating at FH Furniture. And we have so much more to offer that will make your event an attractive one. It is always worth visiting the categories in the online store. Because even in the area of banquet seating, we are always redesigning our range so that we can continue to meet as many customer needs as possible. Please take our diverse product portfolio as an indication that we are a strong partner where you can get many services under one address:

  • Seating furniture (folding chairs, stacking chairs, banquet chairs, etc.)
  • Standing tables (bistro tables, bar tables, banquet tables, etc.)
  • covers and skirtings (bar table covers, chair covers, etc.)
  • Decoration and lighting (candlesticks, parasols, etc.)
  • Accessories (waste garbage cans, coat racks, dance floor, etc.)
  • and much more ...

Since 2009, FH Furniture has been supplying functional furniture to restaurants, hotels, businesses and event service rentals. We are the ideal address if you want a partner experienced in the industry, where personal and honest advice is an integral part of the service. Even with digital shopping, we will not leave you alone with your decision about suitable banquet chairs. Feel free to contact us by phone, write an email or contact us via the contact form in the online store. We are there for you - competent, experienced and at eye level.


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