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Covers & Skirtings

Covers & Skirtings - professional quality at a fair price.

Once upon a time, the nobility used Covers & Skirtings to protect the furniture of one residence from dust and dirt while another was being occupied. The production was commissioned to special cover makers. Those who worked in this craft had to be able to do more than just sew, wash and iron. The quality of the materials and the selection of suitable fabrics were and still are decisive. The customers of that time from high society did not only want durable covers & skirtings, but also the design had to correspond to the personal ideas. To this day, fabric covers have also established themselves in business and are part of the practical as well as decorative equipment in many companies. We know: even if the textiles are manufactured more and more industrially today, the demands of the customers remain almost identical. The design of the slipcovers must correspond to the individuality of each company. In addition, the covers & skirtings must be durable over many events. Whoever buys for their business today always wants good quality at a reasonable price. We at FH Furniture fulfill your wishes and have summarized our multi-faceted selection in a separate category for you.


Covers & Skirtings - with a well thought-out concept to a successful event

The protection against signs of use is only one of several reasons why covers & skirtings are a permanent fixture in modern business. Chair covers and table covers are often used when furniture in different designs is to shine in a uniform appearance. This is just as important in restaurants as at weddings, banquets and elegant caterings. Companies in all sectors use covers & skirtings to set colourful accents for everyday use or to give rooms a particularly elegant touch. Especially on rare occasions like a wedding or reception, white slipcovers & skirtings are an appropriately elegant decoration. Colour, by the way, is a focal point for many of our customers. Finally, appropriate chair covers and tablecloths emphasize the branding. In short, the company sets the scene with its brand. Business events and trade fair appearances are ideal for this.


The right covers & skirtings for every event

FH Furniture is an expert for functional furniture and decorative textiles, such as covers and skirtings. Customers from the gastronomy, hotel industry but also other companies and rental companies will find a wide range of products for professional requirements. Especially as a restaurateur or hotel owner, you organize a wide variety of events. But also in companies rarely one event is like the other. For the following occasions we are your ideal address for the purchase of covers & skirtings.

  • Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Conferences, trade fairs and other business events
  • caterings and banquets
  • covers & skirtings for beer gardens and restaurants
  • furnishing of canteens and break rooms
  • and much more.

Whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors and are looking for table covers and skirtings for everyday use or for an especially noble event - the matching table covers and chair covers are available at FH Furniture.


Covers & Skirtings for quick preparation and clean-up

Most of the covers & skirtings in the FH Furniture range are made of polyester. The advantage for you is that the fabric covers wash well and are easy to maintain. In addition, polyester is more hygienic than many other fabrics such as cotton. Precisely because our range of covers & skirtings is so huge, you will find the perfect fitting textile cover for almost any shape. This means you can have your chairs and tables covered with the decorative covers in no time before the event. As soon as clean-up becomes the order of the day, the covers & skirtings are just as quickly removed and, after washing, can be stored until the next use. In conclusion, it can be said: you and your staff can quickly get back to the really important tasks by using decorative and practical covers.


Matching covers & skirtings and more - at FH Furniture

Have you already discovered the matching covers & skirtings for yourself? Maybe you still have a little time to browse through the other categories in the online store. We promise you, it will be worth your while to look beyond the world of bar table covers, chair covers, beer bench covers, bistro table covers and skirtings. Because in addition to the covers & skirtings, we offer you a huge range of seating furniture, tables, decorations & lighting, as well as a wide selection of accessories. Convenient and easy to order online and enjoy personal service - you can expect both from FH Furniture. Feel free to get in touch by phone, email or via our contact form so we can discuss your request. You need a large number of covers & skirtings? We will be happy to fulfill this request as well.

FH Furniture - your expert for functional furniture, covers & skirtings

Since 2009 foldable and stackable furniture is our passion. We accompany our customers as a furnishing expert and supplier for business facilities, events and much more. With us your guests will always sit comfortably - with or without table - with or without covers & skirtings. And because everything simply has to be perfect in your business, we will also be happy to supply you with matching candlesticks, parasols or trolleys. Because we are also professionals when it comes to accessories and know the wishes of our customers. 

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