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Chair Cover

Chair covers - the practical accessory with great effect.

Why are the elegant chair covers actually called chair covers? In fact, the term comes from the French. The word "housse" refers to a cover, cover or even a protective cover.

In the past, the production of chair covers was still a rare craft. However, like many other old crafts, the production of chair covers has been displaced by industrialization. Thus, today the covers for chairs are almost always manufactured industrially and in large sales volumes. Selecting fabrics, washing, sewing, ironing - all the steps are designed for industrial efficiency. This is also because modern technical equipment offers possibilities that are fully exploited in the production of chair covers. We at FH Furniture use these advantages for our customers. If you wish to buy chair covers, we will provide you with a large number at a reasonable price. Of course, we always pay attention to the high quality of our decorative textiles.


Chair covers must be simple today

Maybe you know this as well. You are planning a big event in your company with many guests and your assortment of seating is not enough. That means: you need more chairs. Finding identical models is often a game of chance. Freely following the motto "out of 1 + 1 make 1", it doesn't matter if backrests and seats look different when using chair covers. Because with chair covers, the end result is always a uniform look. Also, feel free to use the removable chair cover if your chairs already show signs of use or in the opposite case, to keep them looking like new for a long time. After all, chair covers - be it your own or those from a cover rental company - not only look very elegant, they also protect the furniture at the same time. We are sure: In FH Furniture's online store you will always find the right chair cover for your corporate furnishings.


Chair covers - the elegant all-rounder for every occasion

The composition of our entire range is based on experience and expertise. As soon as you want to buy chair covers, your needs as a company are always the focus. That's why in FH Furniture's online store you will find many variants ranging from classic to distinctly elegant designs. We present you various colors and if you wish, we will also gladly provide you with chair covers made of flame retardant "no fire" materials. You can expect individual advice from us as well as tailor-made solutions. Just contact us. We know that the first questions usually arise when choosing a design. For special occasions, such as an anniversary celebration or a wedding, you are exactly right with our exclusive chair covers in white. For events in conference rooms or in a more casual setting, it may be colored chair covers with which you skillfully set accents. You can be sure: We at FH Furniture will reliably assist you so that you make a good decision in the long run.


Chair covers - as professionals we know what is important

Just as with everyday service, first impressions always count with your customers at an event. That's why you always make a good choice by using chair covers. The chair cover visually enhances your furniture and protects the materials from wear and tear. But the most important thing is: you wrap your furniture in a uniform overall picture and your guests will keep the exclusivity in pleasant memory. At the same time, a chair cover from FH Furniture always has practical advantages. The chair cover ideally adapts to the shape of the furniture. The decorative textiles can be attached and removed in no time. In addition, the fabrics are easy to clean and non-iron. This means for you: after washing, the chair covers can be taken directly back into storage.


Chair covers and decorative items - experience the difference at FH Furniture

If you want to equip your company for an event, the selection of the appropriate chair covers should remain only an important secondary matter. After all, the planning checklist is usually quite extensive. That's why we make your purchase our main task. You know the saying, "He who has something to say must be able to listen."? We are an experienced expert in the industry. That's why our expertise provides plenty to talk about. But before we get started, we listen carefully to your wishes. That way, we're able to take your ideas for a chair cover seriously and offer top-notch quality at a great price. If after years you still feel that you have bought the right chair covers, then we at FH Furniture are satisfied with our work.


FH Furniture - much more than just an event supplier

Regardless of whether you have us on your side as a supplier or equipment expert - in addition to chair covers, we offer everything that makes an event a successful one. You can expect the product variety of a professional in all areas of our product range:

  • Seating furniture
  • Tables
  • covers and skirtings
  • Decoration and lighting
  • Event accessories

Since 2009 FH Furniture is a professional partner for the catering industry, hotel business and other trades. You run an event furniture rental? Then we also show ourselves as an ideal complement for your business. Expand your offer with us. Chair covers and functional furniture from FH Furniture can already be found in countless beer gardens, canteens and conference rooms. Your challenge is our motivation. Would you like to meet the FH Furniture team in person? Then we look forward to your visit. In our showroom we have a small selection of our chair covers and other products for you to touch and look at. In addition, we are of the opinion that this is also a successful setting for professional business-to-business consultation.


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