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Banquet tables

Banquet tables - because a banquet is special.

A banquet is always a special occasion. Just think of Julius Caesar, how he once celebrated the conquest of new dominions with Crassus and Pompeius and tried to impress the senators. For the servants in Rome at that time, today's functional banquet tables would certainly have been a great relief.

Culinary delight in a festive setting. In short, a banquet. To this day, the banquet provides an appealing setting to acknowledge guests or celebrate a special occasion. In business, this can be an anniversary or the achievement of an important milestone in the company's history. The right ambience can often be found in restaurants or hotels. Sometimes suitable premises are also available in your own company. The required banquet tables are then either purchased or rented.

FH Furniture is the contact for purchasing in business of all branches and at the same time a well-known address in the field of large event service. Event furniture rental companies, for example, can use us to expand the range of functional furniture available to their customers. Do you have a banquet coming up and are looking for suitable banquet tables? You are sure to find what you are looking for in our range.

So that everything is perfect - banquet tables from the specialist

A banquet is something you save for special events. That is why a banquet is always an occasion where everything has to be perfect. When planning, you think far beyond the banquet tables. You want to provide your guests with ample space and, most importantly, a comfortable place to sit. Banquet tables, chairs, covers and other decoration textiles - with us you will find everything under one address. At the same time, banquet tables are only a small segment of a huge range of products. Our furniture enhances your upcoming banquet as well as the catering, a party or your lounge area. The conference & office furniture in the range also demonstrates the greatest possible functionality. Thus we offer you the practical feel-good effect for seminars, trade fair appearances and conferences.

So it is in the nature of things that FH Furniture is also a valued partner for banquet tables and more in the gastronomy and hotel industry. With us at your side, you can equip your snack bar, restaurant, café, bistro or canteen with practical and attractive furniture. It does not matter if you want to renew or extend your equipment inside or outside.

Banquet tables - all important practical advantages in one product

The functionality of banquet tables is just as important for owners of restaurants and hotels as it is for convention centers and other companies. After all, as soon as the cleanup begins after the banquet, banquet tables need a place where they can be stored. The less space needed for this, the better.

We are an experienced specialist in functional furniture. Therefore, you can also expect functionality in every respect from our banquet tables. A self-locking folding system ensures easy and safe assembly. In addition, we offer you the matching transport trolleys, so that the tables can be assembled and disassembled as well as stowed away within a very short time. You do not need any tools. Here again the most important practical advantages at a glance:

  • self-locking folding system
  • assembly and disassembly of the banquet tables without additional tools
  • delivery with suitable transport trolley possible
  • space-saving storage due to folding mechanism
  • all furniture and accessories from one source

FH Furniture is your competent manufacturer and supplier of functional furniture and decorative linens. That is why we know what is important for a good banquet table.

Banquet tables in all shapes and for every occasion.

We know: the demands of our customers are as different as the respective occasion. Our range of products is correspondingly diverse. Decide for yourself whether your banquet tables should be square or rectangular. If space permits, round banquet tables look particularly elegant. Or maybe the semicircular shape is exactly what you are looking for? We also offer an appealing selection in terms of colour. Our colour palette ranges from bright white to dark brown tones. Prove your attention to detail to your guests and choose banquet tables with elegantly curved legs.

Not sure which banquet tables are ideal for you? It mainly depends on the rooms in which your celebration will take place. Are they big enough for round tables or do you prefer as many guests as possible to sit at one row of tables anyway. In short, question your ideas, create a strategy and check if the conditions are right. We would also be happy to invite you to a free consultation via our service hotline. Then you will definitely make a good decision.

Banquet tables: best from the specialist

FH Furniture has been experienced in the industry for many years. Functional furniture is our passion and we combine this with customer-oriented service. We are committed to fast deliveries and fair prices. Under our banners we work to make your wishes possible. That is why we offer individual configuration of your banquet tables. Put together your tables in such a way that they ideally meet your needs, even in the case of large purchase quantities. We will do the rest for you. So basically you can keep it like Caesar: "I came, I saw and I conquered." Because we are sure, with furniture from our company, your next banquet is sure to be a victory.

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