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Trolleys - as practical in business as the invention of the wheel.

A well-known project wisdom is: "Tell me how a project begins and I will tell you how it ends". With the first thoughts of planning an event, many a manager and person in charge develops into a passionate and perfectionist project manager. After all, the guests should feel comfortable during the event and the business should become an attraction that will be remembered for a long time. Well before you even start thinking about a transport trolley, you are creating to-do lists, staffing plans and programs. Only with the increasingly detailed plans comes the right time to think about suitable furniture. Most importantly, how to get tables and chairs from the warehouse to the job site as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a trolley from the FH Furniture range, setting up, dismantling and tidying up is quickly done and your staff will soon be available again for the usual day-to-day business. Are you already looking for a suitable trolley? Then it is best to take a look around the FH Furniture online store right now.


Transport trolley with wheels: Trolley in the design that meets your needs.

At FH Furniture, you can get versatile functional furniture and the right transport trolley for your business from a single source. That is why we have dedicated an entire category to the transport trolley. Every single trolley is suitable for fast and effort-saving transport of your chairs and tables and at the same time for storage in the warehouse. Decide for yourself for which piece goods and which piece quantities you need a transport trolley. In our online store you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. We offer trolleys for folding chairs and bar tables as well as trolleys for entire marquee sets - and in many different versions.


Your transport trolley with practical features

With every transport trolley from FH Furniture you achieve an important goal: the transport of your furniture is safe, comfortable and fast. And because we are an experienced professional in the industry, each trolley is based on a robust design. In addition, the integrated, stable casters convince with unbeatable practical advantages. Because they are steerable, little force is required when handling with the transport trolley. If you use your trolley for storage, we offer you the matching protective cover. This keeps your furniture protected from dust, weather and other external influences. Do you also need tables and chairs for your event? Then take a look around in the corresponding categories. Maybe you will find a cost-saving complete set, including transport trolley, that suits you.


Transport trolley with castors - from the professional with the spectacular selection.

We will be happy to tell you how to find the packing trolley that meets your expectations in the shortest possible time. To do this, simply use the practical filter function in the online store. Sort the items by price, weight, ratings or other features with just one click. You have already ordered the transport trolley from us? Then simply enter the item number in the filter. Let your search show ten articles per page or up to fifty - for example to get a better overview. As you wish, the articles appear as a list or in the form of a gallery. With the following enumeration we give you a short insight into the many different types:

  • the particularly space-efficient transport trolley for folding chairs
  • the trolley for transporting square folding tables
  • the transport trolley for round folding tables
  • the trolley for seminar tables
  • the version for banquet seating
  • the trolley for stacking chairs

Each type is available for you in many different variants. By the way, in the online store you can also see immediately whether the transport trolley you have selected is also in stock and can therefore be shipped immediately.


Personal consultation from the expert for the suitable transport trolley.

You are not sure whether the transport trolley you have selected is really suitable for your project? Our team of experts is available by phone from 08:00 to 17:00. Ask your questions during the conversation or let us share your ideas. We will be happy to take the time it takes to help you find the ideal transport trolley for you. You hardly find time within the usual business hours to deal with the extension of your functional furniture? Then simply write us an e-mail or tell us your request easily and conveniently via the contact form in the online store. We will get back to you promptly with an answer.


FH Furniture - You buy your transport trolley from the professional

For far more than ten years we are an experienced partner for functional furniture. Rental companies expand their offer with our products. Many event organizers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and numerous companies are among our customers. Whenever you are interested in event furniture & accessories such as a transport trolley, we are there for you with experience and professional know-how. It does not matter if you are planning a banquet, a catering, a party or if you want to refurnish your lounge. At the same time you will find a huge selection of conference & office furniture, also for trade fairs and seminars. Another focus in our portfolio is patio and restaurant furniture for bistros, canteens, bars, cafes, snack bars and restaurants. We look with our assortment far beyond functional furniture and the practical transport trolley. Because we think: to a successful equipment also belongs the suitable decoration and lighting. With your ideas and our know-how, lifeless furniture becomes a lively and stylish business card for your business.

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