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High table covers

High table covers - a must-have for modern business.

Did you know that cover making is a real craft? Protective covers were already used in the Middle Ages. However, the art of making covers only became known later. The French speak of "la Housse", which means a protective cover or horse blanket. Today, the manufacture of high table covers has become a rather rare craft. Since the noble protective covers are used in the last decades more and more frequently also in the business range, the industrial production is more and more on the advance. By the way, slipcovers are not the same as standing table covers. After all, they usually only cover upholstered textile surfaces, while a slipcover covers the entire piece of furniture. Whether you want your tables to be eye-catching or are looking for simple, elegant design. At FH Furniture, you'll find the popular bar table covers in a variety of, colours, materials and designs. 


High table covers - versatile all-rounders for your event

With FH Furniture's high table covers, your already used tables will shine in new splendor. Do you need all the standing tables you have for your event, but their surfaces are made of different materials? A high table with a cover creates a uniform appearance in no time at all, which is appropriate even for extremely elegant occasions. In addition, bar table covers ideally adapt to the shape of the table. They simply always fit perfectly. You need table covers for high tables for your commercial event that are flame retardant? Here, too, you will find what you are looking for in our range. Because as an expert for functional furniture, we offer you not only different colours, but also covers made of "no fire" material on request. One of the advantages of high table covers is, of course, their practical handling. A standing table is quickly covered with a cover and removed just as quickly after the end of the event. Since the high-quality bar table covers from FH Furniture are robust and at the same time easy-care and non-iron, the decorative textiles are also quickly stored away again.


Buy table covers - make a good and safe decision

Especially in business, covers for high tables must not only look good, but also convince with practical values. The decorative textiles should protect your furniture from dirt and traces of use. Therefore, it is advisable to always reach for robust and easy-care bar table covers. The rule of thumb is: the more frequented the tables are, the more durable the high table covers have to be. To that end, table covers for standing tables will give your furniture a whole new character that will affect the entire ambiance. If you want to buy table covers, it is best to think in advance about the events or functions for which you want to use them. As soon as elegance and festivity play a major role, high table covers in white are ideal. These covers look timeless and enhance the furniture of a wide variety of events. If you are looking for suitable decoration textiles for your conferences, or the terrace, coloured bar table covers are also ideal. Feel free to talk to us about your wishes. FH Furniture's team of experts will be happy to guide you towards a good and lasting decision.


Table covers for standing tables - with an expert you are always in good hands

If you want to extend the equipment in your business with bar table covers, time is an important factor besides quality and price. Our customers want to make the right decision quickly. This is exactly what FH Furniture's team of experts is committed to. The famous German trade union leader Ludwig Rosenberg already knew: "You are badly advised if you only get advice from people who never disagree." We think he is right. That is why you can always expect advice on our standing table covers that is as honest as it is friendly. A conversation in which your ideas are at the center. Be assured that all products in the category of high table covers correspond to an outstanding price-performance ratio. As an experienced expert in the industry, we focus on high quality throughout. If after many uses of your bar table covers you still feel you have made a good decision, then we have done our job well.


FH Furniture - the business partner that fits your needs

When you bring us on board as a supplier or equipment expert, you benefit from a diverse range of services in which high table covers are just one of many segments. One thing is always certain: with us, your event will always be a lasting one. With us you trust in a professional who has much more to offer than just standing table covers. Here are the most important focal points of our Portfolio

  • a wide variety of seating Furniture
  • tables for every occasion
  • a huge selection of covers & skirtings
  • decoration & lighting for various Events
  • accessories that make your event a well-rounded affair

Expand your range of event furniture rental with us. Enhance your business facility with functional furniture and high table covers. Design your canteen, your meeting room, your sun terrace or your beer garden with the furniture, decoration textiles like bar table covers from FH Furniture. Even for the lighting we are your competent partner. Be sure that we will meet any challenge.


Standing table covers and more from the experts at your fingertips

In our well-organized online store, you will find the functional furniture you need for your catering, hospitality, rental service or other business. Since 2009 FH Furniture has a firm place in the industry and accompanies you as an experienced partner. Together we will find the perfect equipment, from seating to bar table covers, for your business. Would you like to see our products in person? Then we would be happy to invite you to our showroom, where a selection of tables, chairs and accessories are available for viewing. We are happy to be there for you.

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